Python recap

Python recap

Although this course is not a programming course, it assumes that you are familiar with Python and its most important packages for data analysis. For the Python track of the “Programming for Psychological Science” at the Research Master Psychology (University of Amsterdam), we developed several tutorials that aim to achieve exactly this. The materials of this course are available here.

Under PYTHON (WEEK 1), the following five tutorials are listed:

  • Introduction to Python

  • Python basics

  • Introduction to Matplotlib

  • Introduction to Pandas (optional)

  • Introduction to Numpy

We recommend to go through all five tutorials and do all the exercises (“ToDos”) they contain. Also, although the Numpy tutorial is designated to be optional, we highly recommend you do this tutorial, because Numpy is extremely important for the fMRI-introduction course. In contrast, the Pandas tutorial is, for this course, not essential, so feel free to skip this. Note that these tutorials may take about 10-15 hours in total (depending on your experience with Python).

When you’re done, continue with the Working with MRI data in Python tutorial!