G Data, code, and educational materials

During my PhD, I published my code and data whenever possible. In Table G.1, all publicly available resources are listed per chapter.

Table G.1: Chapter resources
Chapter Resource Platform DOI / URL
2 Code Github https://github.com/lukassnoek/SharedStates
Data OpenNeuro 10.18112/openneuro.ds002547.v1.1.0
3 Code Github https://github.com/lukassnoek/MVCA
Data OpenNeuro 10.18112/openneuro.ds002785.v2.0.0
4 Overview Website https://nilab-uva.github.io/AOMIC.github.io/
Code Github https://github.com/NILAB-UvA/AOMIC-common-scripts
Data OpenNeuro 10.18112/openneuro.ds003097.v1.2.1
NeuroVault https://identifiers.org/neurovault.collection:7105
5 Pre-registration OSF osf.io/gdtk9
Code Github https://github.com/lukassnoek/MorbidCuriosityFMRI
6 Code Github https://github.com/lukassnoek/hypothesis-kernel-analysis
7 Code Github https://github.com/lukassnoek/static-vs-dynamic
Note: OpenNeuro repositories contain raw and preprocessed data from individual participants, while NeuroVault contains group-level aggregate data (e.g., statistical brain maps from group-level analyses).

As part of my PhD, I also (co-)developed and taught several courses, of which I made the course material publicly accessible. These courses and the location of the materials are listed in Table G.2.

Table G.2: Teaching resources
Course name Description Co-developers URL
Programming in Psychological Science An introduction to Python and PsychoPy Emma Schreurs https://lukas-snoek.com/introPy
Neuroimaging: BOLD-fMRI An introduction to fMRI data analysis Noor Seijdel, Jessica Loke, & H. Steven Scholte https://lukas-snoek.com/NI-edu
Neuroimaging: pattern analysis Multivariate analyses of neuroimaging data Noor Seijdel, Lynn Soerensen, & H. Steven Scholte https://lukas-snoek.com/NI-edu