About me

Hi! I’m Lukas, am PhD-student at the psychology department of the University of Amsterdam, supervised by Dr. Steven Scholte and Dr. Suzanne Oosterwijk. I’m interested in how techniques and models from machine learning can complement existing methodologies in psychology and cognitive neuroscience. My favorite domain to apply these ideas and techniques is (the neural representational of) emotional face perception.

As part of my PhD, I also (co-)teach various courses of the Bachelor and (Research) Master Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, including:

  • The Psychology of AI (BSc Psychology)
  • Programming in Psychological Science (ResMas Psychology)
  • Neuroimaging: BOLD-MRI (ResMas Psychology)
  • Neuroimaging: pattern analysis (ResMas Psychology)

You can find more information about my research, software, data, teaching and other resoures on this website. To be informed about new research, data, or software, it’s probably best to follow me on twitter and/or Github.