At ICON (International Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience), Steven Miletic and I gave a workshop on “Multivoxel Pattern Analysis (MVPA) of fMRI data in Python”. (Or, put differently: how do you apply machine learning to your fMRI data?) We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and learned a lot from it!

That said, we intend to keep all the materials and data online, such that anyone can (re)do (or finish!) the workshop at home. All the information about the workshop (how to download the material, how to set up your Python environment, etc.) can be found on the workshop’s website. Please note that all the material is open-source and you’re free to use, modify, and distribute it any way you like! Also, if you notice any mistakes or errors, let me know by email (see email-icon at the bottom of the website) or, better yet, send me a Pull Request (PR) on Github!

See also the slides from our introductory lecture below: